Sunday, 20 December 2009

Jangan Kau Lakukannyer lagi..

So sorry i have to write this on ma im very2 geram dengan My EX..For me yang sudah2 tu dah lah ..tak perlu nak tunjukkan aper2 lagi kasih sayang kat over and i dont want to meet you anymore..

I told you already i dont want to see you at this moment and give me some time to think of wat we have done ..and i really2 dispointed when you come to my house without ma permission and ask me to go out with you..early Morning plak tu at 7Am..and i really feel that i mmg mad at you and grrrrrr...why you so !@$%# Do like tat huh!..

U know wat after tat happen i really truma and i dont want to fall in love again with you ..i dont want to hurt people feeling and i dont want to say yes to other people who try to know afraid okey..

I send this msg..special for you..plz forgive me and i dont want you to disturb me anymore..plz find someone else,and maybe tat person will take care off u..and love you..between us..dah pun Over ok..

Bagi peluang kat i Bercinta lagi..with someone else yang sukakan i..jangan lagi lakukan perkara sebegitu..sebbnya i rasa akan lebih benci kat you..bout me and My Notty..tak der sapa bole ganti tempat dia..


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